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Blind adaptive nonlinear filters for mitigation of man-made noise in communication systems - 14 May 2015 (special TS-AIT seminar series talk at BAE, Burlington, MA) [PDF (20.7MB) ] - use Adobe Reader plugin to play animations and audio demos

Blind Adaptive Analog Nonlinear Filters for Noise Mitigation in Powerline Communication Systems - 30 March 2015 (2015 IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC 2015), Austin, TX) [PDF (3.4MB) ]

Nonlinear filters for mitigation of man-made noise - 28 January 2014 (IEEE New Hampshire Joint Communications/Signal Processing Society Chapter, Nashua, NH) [PDF (4.2MB) ]

Adaptive analog nonlinear algorithms and circuits for improving signal quality in the presence of technogenic interference - 19 November 2013 (2013 IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM 2013), San Diego, CA) [PDF (4.8MB) ]

Out-of-band and adjacent-channel interference reduction by analog nonlinear filters - 24 October 2013 (3rd IMA Conference on Mathematics in Defence, Malvern, UK) [PDF (3.6MB) ]

On the impulsive nature of interchannel interference in digital communication systems - 17 January 2011 (2011 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS 2011), Phoenix, AZ) [PDF (1.9MB) ]

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